The Difference Between Open Day & Assessment Day


When candidates begin to look around for more information about becoming an airline cabin crew. They might find these two terms quite confusing; assessment day and open day. In this short article, I’ll define both terms to understand the difference between an Open Day and an Assessment Day.


Being prepared for what is ahead of you guarantees half of the success. Being in time, knowing what to expect, and presenting yourself in the best possible light are the key aspects that will bring you closer to your dream of becoming a flight attendant!

Open Days 

The Open Days are information sessions that give an opportunity to the candidates to meet with the airline’s recruitment team. You will need to present your CV and photos – passport size and full-length in business attire. 

Some airlines require that you also provide a copy of your passport and a copy of your highest education certificate. 


Anybody can join an Open Day without prior registration.

You will be watching information videos about the airline and their base city and you will be given the chance to ask questions about the airline and the cabin crew job. 

The resumes will be screened by the recruiters and successful candidates will be asked to participate in a series of tests and interviews. 

You do not require previous cabin crew experience to be part of an Open Day. 

assessment and open day

Assessment Days 

In order to be invited to participate in an Assessment Day, you will need to complete an online registration on the airline’s recruitment website. Your CV will be screened based on your experience and education. If successful, you will be given the details of the Assessment Day. 

You do not require previous cabin crew experience to be invited to participate in an Assessment Day. 

Emirates Airlines 

Organizes both Open Days and Assessment Days in various locations worldwide. 

You can register for the Open Days or you may just drop by and submit your CV. 

Assessment Days are by appointment only. 

Etihad Airways 

Organizes both Open Days and Assessment Days. You can participate in an Open Day with or without prior online registration. 

Assessment Days are by appointment only. 

Qatar Airways 

Organizes Open Days and CV Submission days. Open for all candidates to drop by and submit their CV and photos without prior registration. Successful candidates will be asked to participate in series of interviews and tests. 

Assessment Days are organized in certain countries. You need to apply online prior to the event. Successful candidates will be offered an invitation to the Assessment Day. 

That’s it,

If you have any questions regarding both events, don’t hesitate to share below.

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